Even though Ewa and I grew up with both of our grandparents having farms with beehives, neither of us truly realized the miraculous power of natural healing contained in these products. Both of us ate honeycomb as we grew up and somehow knew it was good for us. Three years ago I was introduced to Bee Pollen by one of our managers, who was scheduled for prostrate gland surgery. After taking one tablespoon of Bee Pollen a day for six months, he returned to his doctor for his final checkup before having surgery. His doctor, who also was scheduled for the same surgery, was dumbfounded when he found that his patient's prostrate gland had shrunk to its normal size. After some tests, in which no cancer cells were found, it was decided he no longer needed surgery. His doctor immediately started taking one tablespoon of Bee Pollen per day, and his operation ended up being canceled as well.

After doing more research I discovered that over 200 men had prostrate surgery canceled after taking Bee Pollen. Since my father went to hospital three times for prostrate gland problems, which included two operations, and since the town next to us has the highest prostrate and breast cancer rate in Canada, my wife and I decided that we would try taking Bee Pollen every day for one year. We also decided that for one year we would search for people who needed help and either give them bee products for free, or at cost price, to try for as long as was needed. The results were astonishing. We established one main rule for all our products --- no products would ever be sold by us prior to us asking God to bless our products and provide healing to those in need.

Denis and Eva Spenst 

The Following Stories will help you understand why we believe in the Bee Pollen Products and why we want others to discover their natural healing power. 

  1. Tom, who was a bus driver, told us his energy level was very low and he seemed to be getting tired more than he thought was normal. Also, his son couldn't play in their barn due to allergies.  On top of that, Tom and his wife had tried every known method known to his doctor and the specialists they visited, to have a second child, but were unsuccessful in all attempts. Today, after using Bee Pollen, Tom's report  is "I feel great and have lots of energy, and my son now plays in the barn, allergy free." He says this as he stands with their new baby in his arms and his wife at his side. She says, "I totally believe Bee Pollen was a contributing factor to us having another child, and we're very happy and thankful."
  2. Susan (not real name) was bleeding from the rectum each time she sat on the toilet. She went to her doctor and had all the tests possible to find a solution to this problem, but no answer could be found. We went to her and gave her some Bee Pollen. After a period of time, 90% of the bleeding stopped. Later we gave her Royal Jelly and the bleeding stopped totally.
  3. Jack endured pain in his testicles for 2 solid years. He said that many nights he couldn't sleep because of the pain. After taking Bee Pollen for three months, the pain stopped and has not returned. All he could say was, "This was a very embarrassing situation, but I'm so happy this problem is gone."
  4. Jim and Marilyn told us, "We're 80 years old, and all we can do now is survive to our end, always sick and tired." "Nonsense," I said, and introduced them to Bee Pollen. Now they walk by, holding hands and smiling, and just say, "Thank you, thank you, and thank you."
  5. Brad had incurable liver cancer. His wife had given notice to quit work because Brad was to be bedridden, and they planned to take in students in order to have money to live. Twice I offered Brad Bee Pollen, but he refused. One day he said to Dennis, "There's no hope; no medication or treatments work; I'll be finished soon." My reply to Brad was. "Take Bee Pollen every day." Brad has been cancer free for two years now and is presently operating big machinery. As you can imagine, he brings many customers to us.
  6. Adam, who lives in Warsaw, Poland, and owns a security company there, was always tired and lacking energy. He also had continuous pain from a knee injury. Within one week of taking Bee Pollen, Adam told us that his energy level had returned to almost normal and his knee was starting to heal. He feels great!
  7. Manfred is a retired police officer in Düsseldorf, Germany. He complained of being tired too often and having no energy. After taking Bee Pollen, he tells us he feels great. "I have lots of energy now."
  8. Richard Shakarian, who is International President of the FGBMFI, tells me that Royal Jelly really works. "It definitely helps give me the energy I need to meet the demands of my very busy schedule of traveling and attending meetings all over the world."
  9. Vangie Shakarian, President of Ladies of the Fellowship for the FGBMFI, says, "I buy Royal Jelly for all my family because of the results I've seen in my husband and myself. Richard had high blood pressure, which is gone now, and my overall health is so much better that I can recommend Royal Jelly to my whole family without reservation."
  10. Denise from California, who recently signed a $15,000.000 contract to act and co-produce movies for Walt Disney Studios, says: "My energy level and clarity of mind is so improved by Royal Jelly that it is truly amazing. Also, what Royal Jelly has done for my father, Richard, is truly incredible."
  11. Allison was told by doctors that she would be in a wheel chair for life because of her many broken bones and other complicated injuries caused by her accident. My wife visited her, encouraged her, prayed for her, and told her she would walk again. Later Ewa visited her at home, and gave her Bee Pollen to take at a rate of one tablespoon per day instead of all the different medications she was taking, including pain killers, sleeping pills, nerve pills, etc. Today Allison walks anywhere she wants to go, anytime she wants to, and at the end of the day she sleeps like a baby. She takes both Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen. About 30 of her friends have joined her in taking these Bee products.
  12. Dennis Spenst. One day, while working in the yard, a ground wasp flew up a stung me just below my left eye. The pain was quite intense, but Ewa immediately put unpasteurized Honey on the spot, and the pain and swelling began to leave. At night she put a mixture of the Honey mixed with Bee Pollen on the spot and in the morning the pain and swelling was totally gone.
  13. Jean, who is a cook, was constantly tired and had other personal problems that wouldn't go away. Today she says, "Bee Pollen has done wonders for me and my husband. I'm happier than I've been in a long time."
  14. Countless couples, whose marital relations have been restored or enhanced by Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, and Honey, have said thank you to us many times over.
  15. Kay, wife of John, president the FGBMFI Langley Chapter (the largest chapter in Canada), says, "I've noticed a positive effect to me personally from taking Royal Jelly. My alertness has improved and my energy level has definitely increased. I'm happy to take this natural product." Since 1973 Kay has had 18 operations and taken thousands of pills. "I wish I had known more about Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, and Honey a long time ago," she says. She also tells us that because of her previous medical situations, she has studied medications for 27 years, and if she was not convinced these products were good, she would not take them - period!
  16. Kamila in Gdansk, Poland, had a thyroid problem in her throat. A growth was pushing on her voice box, and she was having difficulty breathing. Twice she had been given radioactive iodine, and each time had had to be in isolation for two weeks. She was also taking very strong medication for her throat problem. We gave her Bee Pollen, and her pain and swelling started to leave. After a short time she also started taking one Royal Jelly capsule daily, and disposed of all her medications. Today she says she feels like a million dollars "American". Her breathing is great, and she has no more pain in her throat. She also has lots of energy.
  17. Dr. Alexander , who is a dentist, stopped drilling after using 3 diamond grinding bits on one of my teeth. "I don't know what you're taking," he said, "But I want some." I told Dr. Alexander it was Bee Pollen and attempted to tell him about it, but he stopped me. "I know what I see, I don't have to hear about it," he told me.  He now takes Bee Pollen daily.
  18. Dr. Hatch, who is a Chiropractor, says "I'm so happy we met because I have studied so much about Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen, but have failed to find a supplier of a superior quality product like you have. I will be your customer for many years to come."
  19. Terry is an  Electrician. He says: "I work approximately 12 hours per day. I have a very busy schedule and there is no way I could keep up with the demands of my business without taking Bee Pollen every day. I'm very happy with the quality of your product."
  20. Joe is a Welder/Electrician. He tells us: "I have studied health products since 1982 and am absolutely amazed at the ingredients of this natural product. There is not a health product on the market that I cannot give you a breakdown about and I have to say that nothing compares to the nutritional value of Pure Natural Bee Pollen."
  21. Karon (Manager): "I manage over 30 people in my immediate department and oversee many others in various areas of our corporation. The Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly has helped me so much by giving me clarity of mind and the great amount of energy needed to do my job and drive for two hours each day." Every day I recommend these products because I can see firsthand how beneficial Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly are to good health.
  22. Theresa, who is in Real Estate sales, says: "Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly has helped me so much that I can truly recommend these products to all my friends and business associates. What amazed me was that within one day I noticed a positive effect on my body from these products."
  23. We have many European customers. One of them tell us: "The quality of your dark honey is beyond mere words. This honey is of such high quality and such superb taste that we will be buying from you for many years to come."
  24. Sharon (not real name): I had been doing drugs for 8 years and for the last five years was on heavy drugs. My doctor told me I would only ever make it off drugs with a chemical substitute. Instead of this program, I started taking Bee Pollen every day, and have had no withdrawals, no pain, and no other symptoms or side effects of my previous habit. Today I am free of drugs and am very happy to have found out about Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly.

Please note that the body's response to Bee Products varies from person to person, including the length of time for certain results to occur. It does not always guarantee total healing from every disease or illness. However, the overall results in all my customers has been positive in the area of improved health -- many very dramatically -- and energy.  That is why, once a person has enjoyed the benefits of these products, they do not want to give them up or return to their old vitamin and medication habits.

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