Canadian Natural Glacial Clay is a facial masque made of natural clay from under the glacier of Northern British Columbia, Canada. It is also known as "Miracle Clay" in the Asian Market.

It is a "Jewel in the Crown" in the clay family. Located on Canada's Northwest Coast, where the mountains meet the ocean, the natural forces come together, producing a pristine and untouched clay deposit unlike any in the world.

Canadian Natural Glacial Clay is finer than the mist of fog. Each particle is smaller than 0,001 of millimeter. As a result, clay from Northwestern B.C. is more reactive than common clay of courser form.

The Glacial Clay has been a favorite of the Natives in the region, who have used the clay for skin healing for generations. Their legends are abundant with stories of using the clay to treat insect's bites, bruises and scars.

The clay deposit is situated in a remote Northwest corner of B.C., which is inaccessible by road. As a result of this inaccessibility and the short extraction season, only a limited amount of clay is available for commercial use and is very valuable.


Canadian Natural Glacial Clay is Mother Earth's gift to human skin. It hermetically seals the skin with its microscopic particle elements. Natural circulation brings all necessary nutrients and cell-regenerating oxygen to the surface and feeds the skin from within. It restores the surface layer (especially after sunburns) and increases moisture content of the outer stratum. The smoothing of age lines and wrinkles is significant, leaving your skin with a natural fresh glow.

The amazing revitalizing properties of Canadian Natural Glacial Clay draw the poisons and toxins from your pores, leaving a clean taut sensation in your skin.

Natural Glacial Clay is a good friend to many teenagers, who use the product to fight the skin agonies of acne, pimples and blackheads, common problems among growing youth.


Rinse skin with warm water and apply a thin layer of glacial clay over the skin, avoiding the mouth and eye area. Allow to dry to its natural color. Rinse with warm water, finish with Honey Propolis Ointment.

Suggested application: two to three times per week.


As a dry matter:
Aluminum Oxide 14.37 %
Silicon Dioxide 62.92 %
Iron Oxide 6.22 %
Magnesium Oxide 3.22 %
Potasium Oxide 2.01 %
Sodium Oxide 5.00 %
Calcium Oxide 4.41 %
Rare-Earth Elements:
Cerium 36 ppm
Lanthanum 17 ppm
Neodymium 25 ppm
Samarium 4.4 ppm
Europium 1 ppm
Ytterbium 2 ppm


CANADIAN NATURAL GLACIAL CLAY is located in the Canadian Northwest on 400 acres. Part of this costal area has hot springs, which flow over the deposit producing fine colloidal clay.


Grey in color, smooth in texture, no odor, hardens if exposed to air and is colloidal.


Ph 7.00
Lead limit test none
Arsenic limit test none
Loss of drying less than 40 %
Loss on ignition 1,000º C less than 10 %
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